Fleetwood Disposal Ltd
5249 Regent St
Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 4H4
Telephone: 604-294-1393
Fax: 604-294-1115

Company overview for Fleetwood Disposal Ltd

Industry: Garbage Collection
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: CAD $2.5 million

Company profile

Radioactive waste treatment facilities, Combustors, hazardous waste, Hazardous waste material treatment facilities, Hazardous waste material disposal facilities, Radioactive waste collecting and/or local hauling in combination with disposal and/or treatment facilities, Acid waste treatment facilities, Waste treatment plants, hazardous, Hazardous waste disposal facilities combined with collection and/or local hauling of hazardous waste, Hazardous waste treatment facilities combined with ...

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