Burnaby Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing

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Guillevin Fleck Brothers

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-606-3000
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J'vita Spa Line Consultants

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-293-1902
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Qualichem Industrial Products Ltd

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 1-800-699-9899
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En Vogue Sculptured Nails Inc

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-517-8525
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Establishments in the Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing subsector transform hides into leather by tanning or curing and fabricating the leather into products for final consumption. It also includes the manufacture of similar products from other materials, including products (except apparel) made from "leather substitutes," such as rubber, plastics, or textiles. Rubber footwear, textile luggage, and plastics purses or wallets are examples of "leather substitute" products included in this group. The products made from leather substitutes are included in this subsector because they are made in similar ways leather products are made (e.g., luggage). They are made in the same establishments, so it is not practical to separate them. The inclusion of leather making in this subsector is partly because leather tanning is a relatively small industry that has few close neighbors as a production process, partly because leather is an input to some of the other products classified in this subsector and partly for historical reasons.