Xantrex Technology Inc.
8999 Nelson Way
Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 4B5
Telephone: (604) 422-8595
Fax: (604) 420-1591

Company overview for Xantrex Technology Inc.

Industry: All Other Electrical Equipment And Component Manufacturing
Supply chain placement: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer
Year founded: 1983
Number of employees: 700
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

Xantrex Technology Inc. is the world's leading supplier of advanced power electronics and controls with products from 50 watts to 1 megawatt in size for commercial, residential and recreational markets, as well as distributed and renewable energy markets. Xantrex's corporate strategy is to focus on advanced power electronics markets with favorable growth prospects and plans to expand internally and through acquisitions, mergers and strategic alliances.

POWER SUPPLY, PRECISION/LABORATORY (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY EQUIPMENT, ELECTRICAL (Exporting) , POWER CONVERSION EQUIPMENT, ELECTRICAL (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLIES, DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , Xantrex's Designs (Exporting) Xantrex designs and manufactures a full line of precision AC to DC variable output power supplies. Xantrex product range from simple bench top power supplies to power supplies that can be controlled with computers through IEEE-488 or RS232 interfaces. Xantrex products range from 60 watts to 3000 watts, with output voltage range from 0-7V to 0-600 V. The new XHR Series can operate on any AC input from 90-250 VAC and 47-63 Hz and the input is also Power Factor Corrected meeting European IEC 555-2 specifications. , Programmable Power Supplies (Exporting) We produce Programmable Power Supplies which are used by electronics manufacturers and in research facilities to design and test electronic circuits. , Power Supplies , DC-AC Inverters (Exporting) , Battery Chargers (Exporting) , Portable Power (Exporting) , Advanced Power Electronics (Exporting) , MODE RECTIFIER, STC MODULAR SWITCHED, TELECOM IND (Exporting) , MODE RECTIFIER, STC MODULAR SWITCHED, TELECOM IND. (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, HPD BENCHTOP DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, LX BENCHTOP DC (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, XFR FULL RACK SIZE, DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, XHR HALF RACK SIZE, DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, XKW FULL RACK SIZE, DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , POWER SUPPLY, XT BENCHTOP DC PROGRAMMABLE (Exporting) , Power Supply Equipment National Stock Numbers: 6130011363178 6130219116149 FSC Code: 5963-Electronic Modules 5975-Electrical Hardware and Supplies 5998-Electrical and Electronic Assemblies; Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware 6110-Electrical Control Equipment 6130-Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating

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